Vision Screenings Policy

California Lions in Sight invites you to participate in as many vision screenings as you can.  We have a 12-passenger and a 10- passenger van to help transport those that do not wish to travel to the vision screening location with their own vehicle.  Typically we have various staging areas and times of departure depending on where the screening is located.

We ask you to contact us, no later than the Thursday before the screening.  This contact is important for three reasons.

  1. We know you are coming and if you are delayed, we can wait for you at the appropriate staging area or let you know where to meet up with us.  Typically, if you have informed us that you are coming but are not on time, we try to contact you by cell phone.  If we get no answer and we are at departure time, we proceed to our next staging area or the screening location.
  2. It is not uncommon for us to have more volunteers than the vans can handle and the organization needs time to arrange for other people and their vehicles to be available to transport all the volunteers that want to participate.
  3. While we make every attempt to keep our list of upcoming vision screenings current and accurate.  Changes can occur at the last minute.  The screening may have been canceled or the start time delayed etc.  If we know who is planning on attending, we can take the appropriate action to notify you.

For those of you desiring to go to Mexico with us, it is now absolutely necessary that you have a current United States Passport.  If you do not have the passport, you will not be allowed to travel with the group.  Our trips into Mexico are done jointly with Lions Clubs in Mexico.  Representatives from those clubs meet us at the US/Mexico border with the appropriate paper work and assist us across.  They also car pool with us to the vision screening location and back.  Our hosts in Mexico provide us with great hospitality including plenty of food and liquid refreshments.  There are many personal relationships that develop out of these joint screenings and they are an added plus to our mission.