Finished Vision Screening Reports

Grand Terrace, California

On Saturday, January 7th, 2012: Friends in Sight did a vision screening with the Lions of District 4L-5 in Grand Terrace, CA. We departed our Hemet staging area at 6:30am and Yucaipa at 7:00am. By 7:35am we had arrived at the screening site and began to set up for the day.

The vision screening started at 8:15am and the last patient of the day was leaving with their recycled eyeglasses at 4:00pm.

Listed below is a synopsis of the day's vision screening findings:

With our good-byes said and equipment/inventory repacked we departed for our staging areas. We arrived in Yucaipa at 5:30pm and Hemet at 6:00pm. It was a great day to help many people and work together as a team. Listed below are those that participated directly in the vision screening:

Hemet Breakfast Lions Club: Barry Richlin, Carol Richlin and Bob Domenigoni.
San Jacinto Lions Club: George Reed and Ken Reed.
Spring Valley Lake Lions Club: Al Andrew and Jean Andrews.
Jurupa District Lions Club: Irasema Guzman.
Cucamonga Host Lions Club: Larry Williams and Scotty Barclay.
Grand Terrace Lions Club: Dani Bubier, Mickey Bubier, Al Chavez, Ron Christianson, Ruthanne Christianson, Rex Edmundson, Frank Ferre, Maryetta Ferre, Hugh Grant, Sharon Hoffman, Jeffrey McConnell, Darcy McNaboe, Jim McNaboe, Jim Miller, Margie Miller, Bill Nessel, Roy Nix, David Radtke, Penny Radtke, Terry Reagan, Don Smith, Frank Tetley, Marie Vidmar, Stacy West and Wayne Whipple.
Yucaipa Valley Lions Club: Jim Klocek and Douglas Raymond.
Timberline Lions Club: Donna Alvarez.
Apple Valley Lions Club: Lupe Munoz.
Magnolia Center Lions Club: Emerson Campbell and Gil Anderson.
Norco Lions Club: Burt Horton and Mike Perryman.
Western University Lions Club: Hamsa Azar.
Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club: Don Ranney, Rob Manning, Lucy Manning, Steve Fedor, Larry Rowell, Dan Ogaz, Kathy Ogaz, Ricardo Terrones, Linda Donoso, Jim Selby and Brian Van Dusen, O.D.
Non-Lions: Yolanda Esquivel, Josie Bingochea, Angela Fleming, Linda Raymond and Christy Whitefeather.


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