Finished Vision Screening Reports

Yucaipa, California

On Saturday, January 21st, 2012: Friends in Sight did a vision screening with the Set Free Church and the Lions of District 4L-5 in Yucaipa, CA. We departed our Hemet staging area at 6:45am and Yucaipa at 7:15am.

With the equipment and eyeglasses set up the screening began at 8:15 am and the last patient of the day was leaving with their recycled eyeglasses at 4:00pm. Listed below is a synopsis of the day's vision screening findings:

With the eyeglasses and examination equipment repacked, we said our good-byes and departed for our staging areas at 4:45pm.

It was a great day to show many new faces the various aspects of the screening and to work together as a team to help those in need. Listed below are those that participated directly in the vision screening:

Beaumont Lions Club: Larry Perrault.
Hemet Breakfast Lions Club: Evelyn Domenigoni, Bob Domenigoni, Barry Richlin, Dottie Allen and Carol Richlin.
Jurupa District Lions Club: Irasema Guzman.
San Jacinto Lions Club: George Reed and Ken Reed.
Magnolia Center Riverside Lions Club: Emerson Campbell.
Rialto Breakfast Lions Club: Christine Donelan and John Donelan.
Yucaipa Valley Lions Club: Jim Klocek and Douglas Raymond.
Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club: Rob Manning, Lucy Manning, Dan Ogaz, Kathy Ogaz, Ricardo Terrones, Jim Selby, Diane Rowell, Larry Rowell, Dale Maruna, Dave Maruna, Pat Ranney, Don Ranney, Pati Van Dusen and Brian Van Dusen, O.D.
Set Free Church: Danny East, Damien Franke, Mark Gordon, Rickey Johnson, Michael Lang, Travis London, Charles Patton, Donte' Prengle, Steve Ramirez, Andrew Stephano and Tommy Tucker.
St. Albans Episcopal Church: Ed Carubis, Karen Carubis, Serena Carubis, Juliette Smith and Richard Smith.
American Career College: David Griggs.
Western University College of Optometry: Jackie Anino and Suzanne Kim.
Non-Lions: Angela Fleming and Linda Raymond.


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