Finished Vision Screening Reports

29 Palms, California

On Saturday, August 27th, 2011: Friends in Sight did a vision screening in conjunction with the 29 Palms Lions Club. We departed our Hemet staging area at 5:15am and the Yucaipa staging area at 5:45am. By 7:35am we had arrived at the screening location.

The vision screening began at 8:15am and the last patient of the day was leaving with their recycled eyeglasses at 2:45pm.

Listed below is a synopsis of the day's findings:

With salutations said and the equipment/eye-glasses repacked we departed to a local Mexican restaurant for some great food and conversation. We arrived at the Yucaipa staging area at 7pm and Hemet at 7:30pm. It was a great day for helping many people and teaching the process to the local lions and other volunteers.

Listed below are those that participated directly in the vision screening: (we apologize in advance if anyone who participated is in advertently not listed below.)

Hemet Lions Club: Debbie Capen.

Hemet Breakfast Lions Club: Barry Richlin, Susan Will, Conrad Fisk and Dottie Allan.

Rancho Cucamonga Host Lions Club: Larry Williams.

29 Palms Lions Club: Walt Holland, Velma Holland, Terry Schuyler, Casey Schuyler, Harry Tanzer, Zander Hardin, Ginnielee Shrake, Kelly Lomax, Karen Komorowski, Pat Stout and John Stout.

Jurupa Lions Club: Irasema Guzman.

Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club: Steve Fedor, Ron Meader, Pati Van Dusen, Brian Van Dusen, Dan Ogaz, Kathy Ogaz, Ricardo Terrones, Kim Laidlaw and Don Ranney.

Non-Lions: Sarah Engemann, Brenda Green, Mary Zorn, Tom Worthington, John Agullett, Lisa Agullett, Kay White-Findeisen and Billy Flatter.


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