Finished Vision Screening Reports

Oxnard, California

On Sunday, October 16th, 2011: Friends in Sight did a vision screening in conjunction with the Sathya Sai Baba Organization and the Lions of District 4-A3. The screening was part of an annual health faire provided by the Sai Baba organization for the local community.

The vision screening started at 8:30am and the last patient of the day was leaving with their recycled eyeglasses at 5:00pm.

Listed below is a synopsis of the days' vision screening findings:

It was a great day for working together as a team and helping people at the same time. Listed below are those that participated directly in the vision screening.

Sai Baba: Robert Liyanage, Shankar Kulkarni, Padona Gundala, Amypom Ganguli, Beverly Carman, Richa Aggarual, Clarisse Escobar, Edgar Escobar, Sridhar Palakur, Ram Yamasani, Sharvan Bhatie, Pooja Sontha, Rajat Smarma, Charley Alexander, Krish______, Mathew Feland, Marlisse Ayala, Abraham Valdez, Rohini Fernando, Karina Gutiluz, Latha Sarakki, Divya Culati, Bineyau Acharys, Rvan Althoff, Roman Vaisuan, Kevan Norris, Bina Bhatia and Praveen Sontha, O.D.

4-A3 Lions:
Oxnard Noontimers Lions Club: Ryan Althoff, Roman Vaisman, Patrick Riggs and Jeff Norris.
Oxnard Lions Club: Crystal Wha, Gloria Luna, Claudia Nunez, Charlene Nunez, Erick Castellanus and Kimberly Guria.
Amber Light Lions Club: Cheryl Kitaguwa, Ellen Jochums, Donna Wesprengu, Mary Heggelar and Debra Brown.
Ventura Downtown Lions Club: Richard Davis and Joey Siddens.
Simi-Valley/Moorpark Lions Club: Barbara Penny and Kathy Strange.
Oxnard Channel Islands Lions Club: Scott Feland, Stella Batey, Everett Batey, Crystal Luna, Claudia Nunez, Charlene Nunez, Kimberley Garcia, Eric Castellanos, Luis Rodriguez and Gloria Luna.

4-L4 Lions:
Rancho Cucamonga Host Lions Club: Scotty Barclay.

4-L5 Lions:
San Jacinto Lions Club: Ken Reed and Georgia Reed.
Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club: Don Ranney, Dan Ogaz, Kathy Ogaz, Ricardo Terrones, Dick Mottar, Pat Ranney, Rob Manning, Jim Selby, Linda Donoso, Diane Rowell, Larry Rowell, Pati Van Dusen and Brian Van Dusen, O.D.
Hemet Breakfast Lions Club: Dottie Allen.
Jurupa District Lions Club: Irasema Guzman
Spring Valley Lake Lions Club: Jean Andrews and Al Andrews.

Non- Sai Baba/Lions: Enoch Williams, Carmen De La Cruz, Rosie Felix, Jackie Kamberian, Matt Feland and Michael Freeland, O.D.


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