Finished Vision Screening Reports

Riverside, Ca

On Saturday, August 11th, 2012: Friends in Sight did a vision screening with the Lions of the Riverside area. We departed our Hemet staging area at 6:30am and Yucaipa at 7:00am. By 7:30am we had arrived and began to set up for the day.

The screening began at 8:30am and the last patient of the day was leaving with their recycled eyeglasses at 2:00pm. Listed below is a synopsis of the day's vision screening findings:

By 2:30pm the equipment and eyeglass racks were repacked. We said our goodbyes and departed for our staging areas. At 3:10pm we arrived in Yucaipa and 3:40pm in Hemet.

It was a nice day for seeing new volunteers and many returning volunteers. Listed below are those that participated directly in the screening.

Riverside Magnolia Center Lions Club: Ted Blake, Vern Goodwalt, Emerson Campbell, Emilio Lopez, Lori Lopez and Carol Kessler.
Beaumont Lions Club: Larry Perrault.
Crestline Lioness: Kathleen Welsh.
Hemet Breakfast Lions Club: Bob Domenigoni, Evelyn Domenigoni, Carol Richlin, Dottie Allen, Barry Richlin and Bill Windham.
Rancho Cucamonga Lions Club: Scotty Barclay and Larry Williams.
Norco Lions Club: Mike Perryman, Mary Harman, Shirley Varner and Burt Horton.
San Jacinto Lions Club: Joan Digby and George Reed.
West Covina Lions Club: Francine Hill and David Hill, O.D.
Yucaipa Valley Lions Club: Doug Raymond.
American Career College: Antonio Alaniz, Edward Alaniz, Alex Marroquin, Aldo D. Munoz, Eva Marie Reys, Darren Tarus and Patrisha Elbeck.
Timberline Lions Club: Elizabeth Manning and Dee Potter.
Jurupa Lions Club: Irasema Guzman, Essie Fischer and Ruby Rector.
Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club: Don Ranney, Larry Rowell, Diane Rowell, Dan Ogaz, Kathy Ogaz, Jim Selby, Linda Donoso, Ricardo Terrones and Brian Van Dusen, O.D.
Non-Lions: Joyce Harrison.


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