Finished Vision Screening Reports

Phelan, Ca

On Saturday, August 25th, 2012: Friends in Sight did a vision screening in conjunction with the Lions in the surrounding Phelan area. We departed our Hemet staging area at 5:30am and Yucaipa at 6:05am. By 7:10am we had arrived at the screening location and began to set up for the day.

The vision screening began at 8:00am and the last patient of the day was leaving with their recycled eyeglasses at 5:00pm. Listed below is a synopsis of the vision screening:

With the equipment and eyeglasses repacked, we said our good byes and departed for our staging areas at 5:30pm. We arrived in Yucaipa at 6:30pm and Hemet at 7:00pm.

It was a long day, but demonstrated the true spirit of working together as team. Listed below are those that participated directly in the vision screening:

Spring Valley Lake Lions: Al Andrews and Jean Andrews.
Timberline Lions Club: Elizabeth Manning, Nancy Baumbusch, Craig Baumbusch, Carl Smith, Donna Alvarez, Novell Carter, John Bauer, Dee Potter and Nancy Smith.
Cucamonga District Host Lions Club: Jaime Barclay, Barbara Barclay, Scotty Barclay and Larry Williams.
Apple Valley Lions Club: Cheri Calderas, Lee Oles, Gayle Oles, Sherry Hoyt-Cline, Guadalupe Munoz, Jim Peugh and Alice-Faye Peugh.
San Jacinto Lions Club: Ken Reed, Joan Digby and George Reed.
Hemet Breakfast Lions Club: Dottie Allen and Barry Richlin.
Calimesa Breakfast Lions Club: Ricardo Terrones, Dan Ogaz, Kathy Ogaz, Don Ranney, Dick Mottar, Ron Meader, Pati Van Dusen and Brian Van Dusen, O.D.
Western University Lions Club: Silvia Park and Leinah Tran.
Non-Lions: Alan Myrick, Larry Wilson, Bruce LaClare, Chuck Franklin, Ken Anderson, Corey LaFever, Deloy Anderson, Cameron Pratt, Brian Turner, Carol Shuh, Byron White, Robin Schmid, Ron Smith, Carol Unger, Bob Foley, Joyce Harrison, Anne Sigona, Wanda Garrett, Marilyn Welch, James Welch, Armida Kteche, Leslie Mihalko, Pam Olsen, Yo Chapman, Evelyn Monfore, Gilberta Brake, Dottie Williams, Linda Dalton, Richard McEachern, Linda Charkins, Donna Drover, Cynthia Brink, Dana Brink, Robert Lovingood and Pat Dundas.


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