Finished Vision Screening Reports

Oxnard, CA

On Sunday, October 28th, 2012: Friends in Sight did a vision screening in conjunction with a Health Faire conducted by the Sai Baba Organization and assisted by local lions in Oxnard, CA. The screening began at 8:30am and the last patient of the day was leaving with their recycled eyeglasses at 4:00pm.

Listed below is a synopsis of the vision screening findings:

It was a great day of working together with many people from various organizations who are dedicated to helping others. Listed below are those who participated directly in the vision screening:

Sai Baba: Shrinivas Dyavarshetty, Ram Yamasani, Ana Maria Corral, Nancy Haldia, Jason Duarte, Roxanne Banaderji, Pati Griffin, Srinivas Nukala, Robert Liyanage, Sandy Iyer, Kavita Patel, Kamakshi Patel, Latha Sarakki, Vijaya Thota and Praveen Sontha, O.D.

District 4-A3 Lions:

District 4-L5 Lions:

District 4-L4 Lions:

Others: Rosie Felix, Li Liana Garcia, Josie Mancilla and Maria Mendez.


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